Gaming Champions

About Gaming Champions

Gaming Champions are awards for those who are amazingly passionate about video games and use them to do good. As digital culture becomes more prevalent, we broaden our horizons and use technology to enrich and sometimes even save lives. We believe games can play such a role in the modern world too.

We want to celebrate the gaming community and show that it inspires, teaches, and has a hugely positive impact on society. Our goal is to promote „gaming ambassadors” – outstanding individuals whose passion elevated the art of playing games to the next level.

Thanks to games everyone can spark a positive change in their environment, regardless of their gender, age or profession. Gaming Champions are among us!

Gaming Champions is an initiative aimed at spreading the positive use of video games in society. We want to raise awareness of games as a medium that can have an incredible impact on our daily lives through an unprecedented level of interactivity. Games are not only entertaining, but can also serve as a tool for telling stories, building empathy, learning or creating experiences.


In order to distinguish as many people and stories as possible, we have singled out four categories of winners within the Gaming Champions initiative.

Life-saving – the people we award in this category distinguished themselves with incredible cunning, using techniques they’ve learned through video games to save someone in the real world or to help someone survive through the use of a game itself.

Accessibility – nominees in this category have used video games to help people with disabilities or have supported the development of tools that provide them with support in their daily lives, including interactive entertainment.

Community – it’s a category for those who value human community as the highest form of organization and create bonds using video games as a tool to bring people together, bring down mental walls and build connections.

Education – Education champions are players who use video games for scientific purposes, help people around them to become more sensitive to certain social phenomena or convey valuable content through gaming.

Hall of Champions

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Highlight their story using one of the methods below. What’s cool if we find the report worthy, we will make sure to appreciate your effort!

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Provide links to: photos, videos or other reliable testimonials about the actions taken by the champion. Make sure they fit the criteria of the categories introduced in the "About Gaming Champions" section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this action about?

Gaming Champions are awards for true heroes of gaming – people who do incredible things thanks to their passion for this hobby. We want to celebrate those gamers and show that video games can inspire, teach and spread the good in society.

Who are you?

We are gamers in the first place. On a daily basis, we work for G2A and other organizations operating in the gaming industry.

How do you choose nominated cases?

We found the first nominations ourselves. However, in the end we want the community to help us find the right cases.

I know someone, who should be rewarded! How can I submit his case?

That’s great! Send us information through the contact form on our website about this person and the reason you believe they should get awarded. You can also use the #GamingChampions hashtag on Instagram or Twitter – we’ll be monitoring them and investigate whether they apply for an award.

Who can be nominated?

At this point we are looking for „ambassadors of gaming” – people who helped themselves and the people around them thanks to the knowledge and experience gained from video games. Basically we’re looking for heroes that made this World a better place.

How do you choose the winners?

At this moment we have created a chapter of several people who have been working in the game industry for years. All of the stories are carefully vetted and then voted by our group of experts. The one who receives the most votes wins. There is no easier way! We do not exclude giving away part of the decision for the community, but this will probably happen in the future.

What is the prize for award winners?

Each person who will be awarded by us will receive a standard set of gaming gadgets, a special diploma/statuette and a dedicated individual prize that will allow the case to develop. The most important thing in this action is that goodness grows in strength, right?

How can I help?

First of all, you can help us find and appreciate those people who have done something good thanks to video games. Just use the #gamingchampions in social media. Secondly, let your friends know about our action, so we can reach more people! This is very important! Thirdly you can help your local community with the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired through games. After all, this is what the whole action is about!